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  • Excellent braking distance on snow
  • Optimized tread wear

  • Studdable V-shaped tread design delivers outstanding traction and braking performance on snow and icy roads.
  • Stiff shoulder blocks deliver outstanding cornering stability and enhanced grips.
  • High grip characteristics
  • Comfortable to drive
  • Excellent braking distance on snow
  • Optimized tread wear

Designed for TESLA vehicles

Excellent performance on snowy roads


The open tread design with a large number of individual blocks gives the tire excellent performance on any winter roads

Increased tread depth and large shoulder blocks reduce wear, improve stability when maneuvering and increase the load capacity of the tire

Sturdy shoulder block pattern and optimized lateral groove design for powerful drive and braking performance

  • New tread design with rubber compound
  • The tires provide a comfortable ride
  • Excellent traction
  • The grip on all types of surfaces
  • Great traction
  • Enhanced Grip
  • Optimal Durability

Tires for off-road, cross-over vehicles,


Tires for off-road, cross-over vehicles

Universal (AT, WT)


Automobiles of GAZEL family, GAZ-3221, 3302, 2705; 

Sobol family GAZ-2217, 2310, 2752 and their modifications.